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Lazy weekends 

I’ve adopted a new habit and I’m not sure if it’s good or bad.  I’m spending weekends doing nothing – but feeling guilty about it.

Every Saturday morning I wake up and consider all the things I should do.  Clean the house.  Go shopping.  Finish my photo frame project.  Clean out the spare room.  Empty my wardrobe and take unwanted clothes to the Salvos.  A long list of things that would be deemed as ‘getting my shit together.’  A long list of things I never get done during the week. 

Here’s the thing.  I work hard Monday to Friday – and beyond.  I love my job but it can be a little overwhelming sometimes, especially if I have functions and events to attend after work or on weekends.  By the time Friday rolls around, I barely have the energy to scroll through all the ‘must watch’ shows on Netflix.  I’m done.

In the midst of a meeting or crazily busy day, I fantasise about all the things I’m going to achieve when the weekend arrives.  (Refer to above list).  I will nail this weekend, I tell myself, hopeful in the fact that I have two whole days to get everything done.  By Sunday night I’ll be loving myself sick for my efficiencies and awesomeness.

I fall into bed on Friday night with aspirations of greatness.

Saturday morning – boom – I’m up and on my way to training in my local park with APT (the world’s funniest, slackest and most patient personal trainer).  I squat and lunge and punch and plank and work up a sweat, heading home with an exercise afterglow.  I’m a warrior.  Ready to take on the world.  That list is going to have the shit kicked out of it.

Back home and it’s time for a snack, a quick tidy up of the house and …. Hmmm, I’m feeling a little tired after personal training.  I might just sit on the couch for 20 minutes and rest a bit.  

What’s happening on Instagram?  Scroll, scroll, like.  What’s happening in world news on Twitter?  Scroll, scroll, retweet.  What’s the buzz on Facebook?   Scroll, scroll, like, scroll, be bored.  Put the phone down.

Surprise, it’s an hour later than it was when I sat down.

I might plan my food for next week.   Good idea.   That’s what organized grown ups do. 

I check out my calendar to see how many times I’m out for lunch or dinner this week, surf my laptop for my favourite recipes and create a shopping list of ingredients.   It’s going to be a week of good eating.  No bad food.  Totally on track with my health. 

The weather looks a little dodgy. Like it might rain. I have bits of food left in the fridge so maybe I’ll cook those up into something semi decent tonight, then go to the supermarket tomorrow.  It will be a much nicer day then.  Yes, let’s just do it tomorrow. Not sure I can be bothered today. 

Think I’ll watch an episode of Schitts Creek, my current Netflix show.  Loving it’s quirkiness and the fact that it only runs for 25 minutes.

One more episode.  One more episode.  Just another one.

The sun has gone down and it’s time to cook dinner.  I really should put on a load of washing while I cook.  Nah, I’ll do that in the morning when I wake up.

Rather than cook, I might just reheat one of the meals I’ve cooked before.  It looks like there’s a leftover curry in the freezer.  Or some fake spaghetti?  Yes, that’ll be great.  Fake non meat spaghetti.  Perfect.

I really should write a blog.   But relaxing is something I never get to do.  Most people sit on the couch and binge watch Netflix.  I never do that.  Why can’t I just do that?  I’ve worked hard this week.  I went to PT today.  I just want to wrap myself in a blanket and watch TV.

Three hours later and I drag myself off to bed, feeling guilty that I’ve not done anything on my list.

Sunday morning, wake up and repeat.  Walk to the shops (it doubles as exercise), cook up meals for lunch and dinner, then sit on the couch for four hours.

Go to bed feeling guilty that I’ve done nothing on my list.

One week later, wake up on Saturday morning and repeat. 

But really, how brilliant is Netflix?